We provide a wide range of services, including sourcing and verification of products and suppliers, procurement, quality control, logistics and more.

You can reach us via phone at +86 (202) 3397 947, via WhatsApp at +86-185 2057 9467 or by email at info@tradingsilkroad.com. You can also contact us via Instagram or LinkedIn

Anything you need, we can help you search for it. Although our main expertise is in fashion accessories and jewelry in Silver, Brass/Copper and Stainless Steel, we have experience in various industries, including Home Decoration, furniture,  Consumer electronics, Apparel and much more.

 We prioritize quality control with a meticulous approach aimed at ensuring that your products consistently meet and exceed your standards and specifications. Our commitment to excellence begins from the initial stages of production and continues throughout every step of the process..

Yes, we offer logistics support, including factory visits, translation services, trasnportation arrangements, among others.

Yes, we can help you register for trade fairs and exhibitions in China to showcase your products,  search for new ones and connect with potential partners.

Our dedication to ethics, transparency and customer-centric service. These core values are the foundation of our operations, guiding every aspect of our business.

Yes, we manage the handling, inspection and delivery of product samples to facilitate your decision-making process.

We are based in the heart of Guangzhou, home of the world-famous CANTON FAIR and worldwide known as China´s manufacturing hub, with access to a wide range of suppliers and products at competitive prices.

Simply get in touch with us through our contact details, and we will guide you through the process.

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